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2020 - New Year News

December 31, 2019

We can't believe another year is in the books, and we are about to ring in a new decade! As you may have noticed, 2019 was a big year for us full of many changes from start to finish. As we look toward 2020, we have even more exciting news as Harper & Tucker matures another year. Here is a round up of the biggest changes and resolutions coming from us in the New Year!

Ethics & Sustainability

In a blog post in October, I explained that we were making some shifts in the brands that we sell. The more we learned about the issues plaguing the fashion industry, the more we felt responsible to carry brands that are working toward solving these problems and minimizing their contribution to them. The largest of these issues are the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing and the social impact of unfair trade and poor labor conditions. There are so many nuances to these issues, and many different approaches to finding a solution. We are hardly experts, and if you are interested, I would definitely recommend doing your own reading! The New Standard Institute  is a great place to start with some fast facts. Every brand is on a spectrum of contributing to or combatting these issues (fast fashion companies being the largest perpetrators) and we have made a choice to be more selective with our brands, and to educate ourselves so that we can support companies that are improving the industry.

Since then, Natalie and I have been hard at work discovering new exciting clothing brands who are also working toward the goal of more ethical and sustainable fashion - some have already begun to arrive at our stores, but so many more are coming as we head into spring and summer! We know you will have just as much fun discovering them as we did. The funny thing is that once we began to look for brands that were more conscious, it led us to finding labels that reinvigorated our excitement for fashion, and made us fall in love with designs in a way we hadn't in some time. We can't tell you how excited we are for this transformation, and how good we feel about the discoveries that this shift has led us to. The shops will be filled with even more specialty, unique, beautiful and consciously made goods.

We have already stopped buying some brands that did not meet our new standards for ethical and sustainable practices, and others will be phased out over the next several months. It is our intention that by the end of 2020, every item in the shop will be by a brand that shares the goal of moving toward sustainable and ethical fashion. No brand is perfect, and we are striving for progress and intent over perfection. That being said, by supporting brands that are prioritizing fair work conditions, recycled or sustainably sourced fabrics, and ethical social practices, we are doing a small part to make the joy of fashion and style more sustainable and more positive for everyone involved in the manufacturing part of a garment's journey. We have such a strong love for the earth and its people and creatures, and we want to contribute the least harm possible while still sparking the joy and beauty that shopping creates. We want shopping at Harper & Tucker to mean you are shopping consciously, and finding pieces that are special and treasured from start to finish. Over the next few months, we will be adding more information and transparency about each brand and product we carry, and how they measure up on the sustainability and ethics scale, so you can understand the impact of what you are buying.

You can take this as our biggest New Years Resolution for 2020!

Return Policy

Natalie and I have taken a hard look at our policies over the last few months to see if we feel that they still fit. We originally set our policy to allow only for exchanges or store credit because we are such a small company and when we receive a return, the piece has been out of the stores for up to a month, and that time is lost for us to find it the right home. However, as times change, we have realized that larger companies' policies effect expectations of our customers, and the last thing we want to be is unaccommodating. Beyond that, we want you to LOVE any piece you get from us, and we want you to wear it and cherish it for years to come. We want you to be able to shop with us without ever feeling a twinge of buyer's remorse, and we never want our pieces to end up unworn or worse, discarded. We want the time, effort, and energy that is required to produce each garment to be worth while, and that can only happen if a piece is worn and loved!  Because of all of this, starting with purchases in 2020, our new policy is to accept returns of unworn, full price items within 30 days of purchase for a refund to the original payment method. Read our full, revised return policy here. We hope that with this new policy, you will feel more free when you shop with us, and confident that if your purchase is not exactly what you want, you can give it back!


We really can't believe that since we launched our little website in 2016, we have grown into two brick and mortar stores. Our Providence boutique is settled happily into its new home at 182 Wayland Ave - we are thrilled to continue to meet our new customers in the Providence area, and for this store to grow and find its unique identity. We can't believe our Newport store is entering its third year open! We feel this flagship store has grown and matured over these years in ways we are beyond proud of. There is just something about this store that is so uniquely H&T, it is the essence of our brand and our identity. We have some big changes coming to our Newport store over the next few months, and we promise, they are good and SO exciting. 

As we enter this next decade, another resolution we have is to never stop evolving as a company, and for each store to do that in its own way as it matures. The only way to grow is to change, and we believe that change keeps things interesting around here! We promise to always be working to grow H&T so that it sparks happiness and excitement whenever you step through our doors. 

We are SO excited for everything to come as we enter the 2020s! We wish you all the joy and light in the new year. We know we will be reflecting, dreaming, and celebrating with plenty of bubbly tonight - and we hope you will be too!