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A Caring Gift

November 12, 2020

It is that time of year again ‚Äď decorations are emerging from the basement, inboxes are flooding with gift guides¬†and store announcements, and social plans are unfolding as we look toward the Holiday season. In an already weird year, this season is looking quite different as for some of us, video calls substitute Holiday get togethers. I would normally be¬†ready to travel to visit family, but this year I am waiting until after the holidays (and peak travel time) to go home¬†for a longer stay in¬†California. It feels strange that I won't be physically home with my family on Christmas morning, so I plan to send as much joy as I can with fun gifts¬†to¬†make us feel we are all together.¬†

I know I am not the only person that will be missing usual gatherings this season. For many of us, sending a small gift or thoughtful note may be the main way we can spread Holiday cheer. We also may find ourselves at different homes celebrating, and seeking ways to show our appreciation to the gracious hosts who include us in their traditions. 

While we are still putting together our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for you, I wanted to take the moment to talk about our care packages. We first launched the care packages at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown - we thought of them as a way to send a little bit of brightness to a loved one who found themselves stuck at home. Now as we approach the holidays, the care packages are just as timely, and a great way to send a thoughtful gift of love. Depending on the amount you spend, a package could contain anything from artisanal jewelry, to unique home goods, to apparel. As the giver, you can have as much (or as little) control as you like - this means you can leave it to us to pick everything in the package so the giver and receiver are both whole-heartedly surprised, or you can collaborate with us to pick the perfect pieces with our advice. If you want to be more involved with the care package, you can leave us requests in the notes at checkout, or contact us to collaborate more in depth. We have crafted packages where we hand pick styles for customers based on what we know they like, but we have also built packages while on the phone with first-time shoppers wanting to send a gift to a loved one. We can ship care packages, or if you are local to RI, we can deliver them personally or prepare them for you to pick up at the shop! We love working with you, and are so excited to start building care packages again - we really feel like little elves spreading cheer and light.

We know that every shopper loves different parts of our shop, and we keep that in mind when building out personalized care packages. We try to pull together items that will fall seamless into our customers' closets, so of course we take into account a customer's specific style or aesthetic preference. When ordering a care package, we love when you give us notes on your style, likes, and dislikes. If you are a return customer, trust we will also take a peek at your order history to get a feel for what you like.

Here are some examples of packages we might put together based on how you describe your style:

Minimalist Care Package

Boho Care PackageWe also love to make gifts relevant to what is going on in your life when we can. Let us know in the notes at checkout if you think this might be helpful! For instance, in the Spring we knew many of our customers were working at home, so we tried to throw in items to make your WFH lifestyle more fun! From stylish loungewear to candles or bath salts for an at-home spa day, we sent some of our favorites we were loving in that moment. 

WFH Care Package

Self-care Care Package

When you send a care package as a gift, we carefully wrap the gift and include a personalized, hand-written note - just let us know in the notes section at checkout what you would like us to write. We can also hold gift packages until a specified send date if you like! 

We know some of you are already in full-on gift shopping mode, while others hate to even think about gifting before Thanksgiving. No matter where you are on that spectrum, know that we have so many fun and exciting surprises to make sure you are set for the Holiday season. We love to help you pick something thoughtful out for someone you love - and we can build a care package to send whether you are last minute or planning months in advance. It's definitely going to be different season for many of us, but that still doesn't mean it will be any less joyful as we find new ways to spread love to our family and friends. There is nothing more warm and hopeful than to let someone know you're thinking of them.

As a small business, we love seeing our community come together in the holiday spirit, shopping for the people they love - whether that means we will be seeing your face in the boutique soon, or chatting with you via message or phone call to put together your care packages. Our hope is to play a small part in making sure this Holiday season is the best one yet. 

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