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Our First Editorial Shoot

Last Monday was Harper & Tucker’s inaugural editorial shoot, and I can confidently say that it could not have gone any better. From the beginning, Dakota and I had a clear, consistent vision of the style and personality behind H&T. Our goal was to bring out the fun and life in fashion, and for our customers to embrace their femininity and individual spirit. This shoot is important to us not only because it showcases our first collection, but also because it is a visual manifestation of what we want our brand to be.

We placed orders for this collection back in August, so we had months to prepare and curate the team that was going to make Harper & Tucker come to life. Everything really fell into place once we found our incredible photographer, Becca Kracht. Stars aligned when good friend and hair stylist Sarah King connected us with Becca knowing we were searching for a photographer. Becca primarily had photography experience capturing weddings and events, but she also seemed to have a natural eye for highlighting the aesthetic of fashion. When Dakota and I saw some of Becca’s portraits of her close friends we knew she was the perfect photographer to partner with. Her skill is undeniable. She has a knack for capturing moments that you didn’t even know happened, and had an immediate understanding of our brand personality.


While it was definitely out of our comfort zone, Dakota and I felt that it was important for us to model for Harper & Tucker. Our personalities are so much a part of Harper & Tucker, and we wanted that to come through. We also loved the idea of using friends instead of professional models. These choices may not be traditional, but we want you to be able to see how the clothes look on girls with different styles, personalities, and looks.


Becca suggested her good friend and now Harper & Tucker model, Sara Mayberry for this shoot. We immediately clicked with Sara and fell in love with her light-hearted disposition and contagious passion for style and fashion. To complete our group, we pulled in Dakota’s lifelong friend Nicole Eaucello who graciously took time to be one of our first models. She was the perfect addition to our team, putting everyone at ease and fueling the chemistry of the shoot.


Adriana Martinez and Meagan Vasquez of Revel Workshop have been Harper & Tucker’s biggest cheerleaders from day one. It was a no brainer to pull in Meagan to style our hair for the shoot. We have her to thank for our beachy mermaid waves.


I have recently fallen in love with American luxury makeup line Hourglass. Their products really illuminate the face and highlight natural features without the heaviness that you may find in other luxury brands. Thankfully, I was able to connect with Thais Dejesus, a freelance makeup artist, who specializes in using Hourglass and was able to use a lot of their products for our shoot. Her application was flawless and we felt radiant throughout the entire day.


Fortunately we didn’t have too much trial and error when it came to choosing our locations. We knew we wanted to incorporate natural elements and to have a Texas fall backdrop. Dakota and I stumbled upon the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and as we were scouting out the location we fell in love with its tall grass and a picnic spot that was idyllic for the entire group to gather together.


We wanted to showcase our cocktail attire in an environment that felt like a location for a holiday party. Artspace111 in downtown Fort Worth was the ideal spot. With natural elements that complimented our previous location, and an urban feel that created a fresh backdrop for our pieces, this space completed the aesthetics of our collection.


It was a privilege working with so much talent in a single day. Becca truly was the heart and soul of the photo shoot, but without Nicole and Sara’s beautiful faces and gorgeous personalities it wouldn’t have been the day it was. We cannot believe that we are nearly one week from our launch, and are so incredibly excited for you to see the clothes that represent Harper & Tucker. We could not be more grateful for where we are today, and have loved every second of getting here.


While you will still need to wait for the full portfolio, here is a sneak peak of the brand and personality of Harper & Tucker!



November 04, 2016 by Natalie Swift



Joyce said:

What a great article Natalie.! I feel the excitement of the launch and like I am all there with you. Congratulations and good luck on the launch!!


Elizabeth said:

So excited to see the collection!!

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