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Get Out the Vote

October 27, 2020

We cannot believe that the election is only 7 days away! In just one week, the United States will be collectively exhaling a sigh of relief as this cycle comes to its end. With the pandemic and so many social issues heavy on our hearts and minds, 2020 has felt all the more serious and civic engagement seems like it is at an all-time high. This election has demanded that we create space to listen to different platforms, envision our hopes for the future, confront prejudices, listen to the struggles of fellow Americans, and prepare ourselves to accept the results, whatever they may be. In chaotic times, I appreciate more than ever having the right to vote, and having a say in the future of our country. I say that's something worth raising a glass for!

After months of reading articles, listening to podcasts, watching the debates, having discourse with friends and family - I mailed in my ballot and in that moment, I felt such a calming sense of empowerment. I did the work, I made my voice heard, I called out my vision for this country and simply put...I felt better than I had in months. That elusive feeling of calm came and went as a news notification immediately popped up on my phone and I was exhausted all over again. Unfortunately this feeling can be as universal as the accomplishment of casting your ballot - you vote, you feel empowered, and then the next headline makes you feel powerless once again. But despite the rollercoaster of 2020, we want to find ways to celebrate the bright spots where we can, and turn this craziness on its head in this final week! No matter the ups and downs, exercising our right to vote has never been more important.

At Harper & Tucker, we are congratulating and celebrating everyone who makes their voice heard - the young, the old, the minority, the majority, the skeptic, the optimist...everyone. Every vote counts. Every vote matters. Regardless of the outcome, your vote is a vote for the future you want, and we are celebrating that all week long!

From now through November 3rd, we will be offering 20% off STOREWIDE for everyone that shows that they voted! Come in with your "I Voted" sticker this weekend, or tag us in or message us a photo and we will give you 20% off any purchase you make between now and next Tuesday! We feel it is so important for all of us to be a part of this democratic process, particularly during such a tumultuous year, and want to celebrate everyone for doing the work.

Close your eyes, inhale, exhale for twice as long, cast that ballot, let yourself smile, open a bottle of wine, and treat yourself for letting your voice be heard in 2020! 

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