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Giving Back

August 17, 2020

It feels like a lifetime ago that we first announced our participation in the Together(Apart) coalition - donating 5% of our sales to Feeding America from late-March through Memorial Weekend. Navigating the climate of uncertainty at the start of the pandemic, we were able to center ourselves in the simple act of giving back. 

From hosting clothing drives to donating prizes for local fundraisers, we have always envisioned that Harper & Tucker would not only be a shop around the corner, but also an active member of the Newport community. Inspired by our work during the Together(Apart) campaign, but also wanting to focus on supporting local organizations that are making Newport a better place, we sought a partnership with a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are thrilled to announce that we have found that in an ongoing and long-term collaboration with Rhode Island's The Potter League for Animals!

As many of you know, Dakota and I are vehement animal-lovers, and the shop is named after our sister-dogs! We share a belief in the therapeutic powers of petting a horse, the unmatched love that blooms when taking a dog into your family, and the magical connection you can foster with an animal. We are passionate about kindness for all living creatures, and believe that all animals should be treated with the respect and love that they shower us with every single day. When we were discussing which organization to partner with and collaborate with, we immediately knew that The Potter League was at the top of our list, and wanted to do everything we could to share their mission:

As the heart of a compassionate community, we enrich lives and promote the humane treatment of animals" - Potter League's Mission Statement

Originally founded in 1929, The Potter League is an "open admission" shelter helping as many pets as possible in the surrounding communities. They accept owner-surrendered animals, as well as stray animals from communities which have an animal control-housing contract. Annually, they take in approximately 2,000 domestic dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals into their facility providing food, housing, training, vaccinations, and requiting the love that too often these animals have not experienced. The Potter League consistently maintains a Live Release Rate of 90% or higher through placement to new families, returned to their owners, or released to another facility or rescue group. They take in all from the ill, dangerous, and poorly behaved to highly adoptable animals already ready for their forever home. 

In addition to their work as a shelter, The Potter League is a sanctuary for current pet owners providing a wide array of resources from allergy education to low cost spay/neuters/vaccinations. The Potter League services nearly 2,000 animals with vaccinations for low-income pet owners, obedience training, and behavior support each year. They are truly the community's ultimate animal care and resource center. 

From The Potter League for Animal's 2019 Annual Report:  Potter League 2019 Annual Report Screenshot

I recommend venturing to the website to learn more about everything that this organization is doing to support the animals and pet-owners in our surrounding communities. Having barely scratched the surface in learning about their work, I am truly in awe that this one organization has such an encompassing and comprehensive approach to its services. We cannot wait for this continued collaboration and for (once it's safe) to host in-store events, sales, and sip & shops to raise awareness and donations for their efforts. We are a small business in a small community, and we know our donations will go furthest to an organization in our back yard.  

To kick everything off, we are launching our first initiative this week! For every new Google Review left for Harper & Tucker we will donate $10 to The Potter League for Animals! Now...if we hit 50 NEW reviews in the next FOUR WEEKS (raising $500) we will donate an additional $100 and our marketing partner and friends from Highlighter Studio will also match $100!

50 NEW Google Reviews by September 15th - raises $700  

Let's get started - click HERE to leave a review for Harper & Tucker!

Don't forget to join us this Friday for Happy Hour at 5:30pmEST for our weekly InstagramLive @harperandtucker and hear more on why we chose The Potter League, what type of events we envision for the future, and ways you can get involved! 

xx Natalie