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Holiday Gifting Guide

December 08, 2020

For the Friend 1
Magic of I Day Dream Journal

Dream Journal ($35)

Merritt Charles Grey River Jacket

Grey River Jacket ($245)

For the friend 2
Celestial Cheetah Thomas Tee

Celestial Cheetah Thomas Tee ($68)

Peach Anne Midi Gown

Peach Anne Midi Gown ($134)

For the friend 3
For the friend 4
Merritt Charles Face Mask

Magnolia Face Mask ($28)

Yellow Bambi Memz Maxi

Yellow Bambi Memz Maxi ($230)

For the friend 5
Black Petite Cheetah Blouse

Black Petite Cheetah Lady Blouse ($128)

Cleobella Ivory Rose Bag

Ivory Rose Bag ($158)

Labradorite Leor Ring

Labradorite Leor Ring ($210)

For the friend 6
Macrame Tote Bag

Macrame Tote Bag ($69)

White Teya Top

White Teya Top ($84)

Khaki Horton Romper

Khaki Horton Romper ($210)

For the friend 7
Black Cropped Cami

Black Cropped Cami ($56)

Parallel Cuff Bracelet

Parallel Cuff Bracelet ($149)

For the friend 8
Myra Tote

Myra Tote ($148)

Black Petite Cheetah Uptown Slip Dress

Black Petite Cheetah Uptown Slip Dress ($168)

For the friend 9
White Favorite Shirt

White Favorite Shirt ($150)

The Black Blazer

The Black Blazer ($175)

For the Friend 10
Black Stretch Unreal Bodysuit

Black Stretch Unreal Bodysuit ($98)

For the friend 11
For the friend 12
Black Did It Again Dress

Black Did It Again Rib Dress ($96)

Paloma Tapestry

Paloma Tapestry ($138)


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