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Meet Our Models

March 03, 2017

There is nothing that makes my day any better than creating and collaborating with all of the women of Harper & Tucker. Each one of our models is a badass in her own right, hungry to achieve her goals and fulfill her dreams. Whether they are looking to stay in the fashion industry or work as a missionary, each one is a go-getter with a story and dream as big as the next. We want to take you behind the scenes with these beautiful women and introduce you to the ladies we have handpicked to represent our brand.



Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiciulous than absolutely nothing –Marilyn Monroe

Just like Marilyn, Haley is a blonde bombshell and an ambitious force to be reckoned with. Past-president of the Delta Delta Delta sorority at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, she is a born leader with beauty and brains sure to make waves in the consulting world. With a job already offered to her at the Dallas office of global consulting firm, Bain & Co. this future girl-boss knows what she wants and how to achieve it.


Sharing our love for golden retrievers, Haley was drawn to Harper & Tucker from the start, inspired by our sincere love for fashion. The epitome of modern yet classy, it is no wonder that Haley’s favorite Harper & Tucker items were our Level 99 Ultra Skinny jeans paired with the white King Crop Top. This gorgeous young woman is not one to underestimate and we cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes as she joins the ranks of young Dallas professionals. 


Shaina is a born and raised Texas beauty with a playful and infectious energy that shines both on and off camera. A small-town girl with a free soul, Shaina cannot wait to explore new cities and places and show the world what Texas is all about. She will be completing her degree in Respiratory Care this May and plans on fulfilling her travel aspirations by working in different hospitals as a Respiratory Therapist. She is guided by her passion and dedication to her faith, and dreams to one day be a traveling Respiratory Therapist and missionary.

While she may be a self-proclaimed tomboy who cannot live without her favorite denim shorts, there is no denying that this leggy beauty is an absolute showstopper in our most feminine pieces. Her favorite to date is the Shale Maxi Dress, which she made completely her own at our product shoot. Shaina’s sincerity and playfulness brings life to our brand, and has a way of making all of us fall in love with fashion all over again.



Allison is a fellow Tar Heel,  and Dakota and I have known her for years. We absolutely fell in love with the idea of her as a Harper & Tucker model. She’s an absolutely stunning human being inside and out, and it has been such a thrill to watch her embrace that on camera. Nobody can deny that this girl is off to a phenomenal start in her modeling career taking everyone’s (including her lucky fiancé) breath away as she outshines her model doppelgänger, Adriana Lima. 

the jetset diaries oasis mini dress

A Dallasite through and through, she is taking her childhood city and making it completely her own as a young woman. A classic beauty with an edgy kick, she can make the simplest black on black combination into an absolute showstopper. When not stunning us all in photos, Allison is utterly dedicated to her profession as an elementary school speech pathologist. For her, this career is truly a dream fulfilled. I remember her as early as Freshman year discussing her desire to be a speech pathologist.Allison’s drive and integrity makes her a role model to all women, and we could not be more thrilled to have a person of her character representing the H&T brand.


“Money comes just as fast as money goes: so if it makes your butt look good buy it in every color” –Sara Jasmine Mayberry

It is safe to say that this California beauty has life figured out. We were lucky enough to have Sara join us for our first editorial shoot and she has been making us laugh at ourselves ever since. Sara’s love and appreciation for life and all of its irony is a grounding quality that we have fallen in love with. Never defining herself by one thing, she proclaims that her fashion and style always depends on the way she feels when she wakes up in the morning. With that said, as her list of style icons include Iris Apfel, Lenny Kravitz, and Bella Hadid, you know that this girl’s fashion is always on point.

lush maxi charcoal grey dress with open back  

Sara is hustling her way in the big city working as a market manager for Havas Street, bartending at a rum and cigar lounge, and attending school for a degree in advertising. She’s also looking into beginning her own small business that would incorporate design, styling, and personal shopping - which we could not be more excited to hear about! With a fervent drive to be in fashion and a flawless cool-girl style, it’s only a matter of time for when she'll be her own high-achieving girl boss.


Whether you're looking for a glamorous girls’ night out or a laid-back evening lounging with pizza and football, Nicole is the type of person to make both nights one to remember. She has the ability to go toe to toe with the best of them. While she is the ultimate girls’ girl who has dressed me and saved my makeup on more than one occasion, she can also talk circles around even the most dedicated Patriots fans. It seems fitting that she is currently auditioning to be Patriot’s cheerleader because from the day I met, her I’ve been in awe of how genuinely she becomes everyone’s number one fan.

show me your mumu black bronte maxi dress

A Rhode Island native, she and Dakota grew up together with a shared love for fashion and ambition to achieve. Currently residing in Boston with her terrier Charlie, Nicole is pursuing her passion for home décor and working as a buyer at Wayfair. When not modeling for Harper & Tucker, she is collaborating with some of the most amazing Boston photographers. A force to be reckoned with, she continues to work on her own beauty blog so that we can all have some of Nicole’s fashion insight readily accessible. With a face like Helen of Troy, we could not be more fortunate to have Nicole model for Harper & Tucker, but with her fierce loyalty and ability to make the ordinary extraordinary, we are even luckier to have her as a friend.


These women may be the gorgeous faces of Harper & Tucker, but their stories and their background are what make them true models for the brand. We know we will work with more amazing women in the future, but we cannot imagine more perfect people to help us launch H&T.