Mother's Day

May 05, 2021

For New Englanders, the start of May feels like a major turning point in the year. We begin to peel back layers, pull bathing suits out of storage, spend more time outdoors, and start counting down to Memorial Weekend - the (unofficial) start to summer! Memorial Weekend may be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the month May but (just like the people the day is dedicated to), there is a holiday this month that means so much yet too often gets overlooked: Mother's Day.

After the past twelve months, I think mother-figures deserve an extra special Mother's Day. Moms have endured so much since the onset of the pandemic. For too many, they spent the last year only able to see their children through a computer screen, celebrating milestones that should have been shared in person. Working mothers have had to navigate changes in their profession all while trying to create a fulfilling home school environment for their children. And then the new mothers, or mothers-to-be, carrying the weight of this new world on their shoulders as they navigate the newness and unknowns of motherhood for the first time. Caring for yourself in this pandemic world took enough of a toll, so the mother-figures guiding and caring for children during this time deserve that much extra appreciation. 

I wanted to talk about a few fun ways to show just a little extra love for Mom this Mother's Day and how you can tweak some classic ideas for this atypical year. 

Harper & Tucker - Mother's Day Gift Guide

Every year we come out with a Mother's Day Gift Guide to make it easy to shop for the Mom figures in your life. From our gold-filled Constellation Necklaces to our collection of Pinrose candles and perfumes, we have selected our favorite gift pieces that we think she will love. Intent is always the x-factor that makes a gift special, so re-stocking her favorite scent can be even more thoughtful than picking something just because it's new to her. If you're looking to do something a little different this year, we love picking out a piece of clothing that you can see her wearing - she will think of you each time she puts it on. 

So many women are coming into the store saying how they really haven't treated themselves to "fun" or "special" clothing since lockdown. With travel all but impossible, events cancelled, and restaurants closed, we really didn't have many occasions to dress up for! To me, that is what makes a pretty dress or top that much sweeter this year as a gift. You can even pair it with a babysitting coupon for a night out with her besties, so she not only feels special wearing it, but also has an excuse to! Or maybe give her a gift cardto her favorite local shop so she can have the shopping experience herself and get EXACTLY what she wants while being doted upon. I know buying apparel for others may seem daunting, but never hesitate to ask the shop keeper to assist - they know their inventory back and forth, can speak to sizing, and will make sure Mamma gets exactly what she wants

If you are still looking to shop online with us, we recommend choosing overnight shipping to ensure your gift arrives on time - and we will make sure to get it to the shipper as quickly as possible! If you are local, pop by the shop (we are now open 10-5 every day!) and we will be happy to help you pick out just the thing.

Date Night - At Home

While the world is beginning to open up, we know that night outs are becoming more common and people can start enjoying the little luxuries of life once again. With that said, I also know that there is a spectrum of what people feel comfortable doing, so I want to throw some ideas out there for some at home fun that will still feel special.

Skip takeout this year (we've had plenty of it!) but still find a way to give her a night off from cooking/cleaning! I personally love the idea of enjoying a luxe selection of charcuterie to indulge in over a great bottle of red. My favorite spot to order from, Boston-based Formaggio Kitchen, can help you build out a selection of delicious cheeses from all over including their house-made charcuterie and handpicked spreads. There is nothing easier than putting a board together with a selection of artisanal crackers, playing some music, and transporting yourself across the pond for an effortless night-in. The cleanup is made easy and there are no concerns of food going cold on the way from the restaurant.

Or...if there is a restaurant that you're dreaming of, maybe a place you once went to on travels, or a hometown dish you haven't been able to enjoy, Goldbelly is a super fun new take on takeout. Goldbelly is an online marketplace of dishes from all over the country from some of the most famous restaurants that can get delivered right to your door. They come prepackaged with very simple cooking instructions for reheating, so that it feels fresh and as though you were dining at the restaurant. Doesn't matter if you canceled that trip to New York City last year - you can have all of those tastes brought directly to you! 

Another way to make an at-home dining experience a little more special and playful, is to schedule a virtual home wine tasting. So many wineries across the country have had to pivot in response to a decline in tourism. Many have launched virtual tastings where they will ship the wine to you, and then you can zoom with the winemakers to discuss the different varietals. I always found activities to be my favorite type of gift, so something special like this that disrupts the normal nighttime routine for Mother's Day could be a great experience! To learn more about some options for tastings, Food & Wine wrote a great article (click here), listing some of the wineries doing this. Don't forget to look to your local wine shops, they may also offer something similar! 


May is also the kickoff for Mental Health Awareness Month and this year that feels all the more relevant. Many daily rituals and routines have been completely disrupted - the small ways we all seek out stimulation or relaxation have sometimes gone by the wayside. Some have ostensibly gone a year without balance, and are just slowly coming back to the idea of a version of normal. It is for this reason merely asking the question "what do you need?" for Mother's Day may be the most beautiful, perfect gift you can give the Mammas in your life. 

A couple of mornings off to practice yoga, an extra zoom call each week, a getaway to recharge, or an afternoon of babysitting services - whatever Mom needs, Mom gets. She's the one maintaining and creating for all, so giving her the opportunity to do that for herself is the greatest gift you could give her after this past year. 

These are just a few ideas I have for Mother's Day - ranging from everything from a pretty thing to make her smile, an activity to share, to the break she may need but never ask for. The important thing is to think of and to send love to the Mamma figures in your life that have anchored you through this past year, and have given you guidance when you needed it or whose simple presence made you feel that much more confident and safe. They are the warriors that keep everything in motion even when the world is at a pause.

Thank you for everything that you do for us - happy Mother's Day! 


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