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Spell: Age of Aquarius

July 20, 2021

A single ray of sunlight stretches out across the land, ‘The Dawning’: a glimmer of hope after a long dark night. This season we explore The Age of Aquarius.

We are THRILLED to give you a sneak peek of our picks from Spell's Age of Aquarius collection at All these beauties will be available at the official drop time tonight: Tuesday, July 20 at 8pm EST! We have been anticipating this collection for months, and are beyond excited to reveal our curated assortment. These designs are truly made for the hopeless romantic dreaming of adventure... 


The Dawning of Age of Aquarius signature print story, Juniper, embodies the romance and softness of nature and fosters the connectedness with Earth as we embark on our individual journeys beyond the hearth. Romantic and floating, we fell for each hue and the way they blend together to paint a singular adventure. The softness of the eggshell reminds us of a robin's egg basking in the glow of a sunny afternoon, nestled and safe at home. Then as you adventure beyond, you encounter the beguiling violets of Dawn - color only a few get a glimpse of in the earliest hours of morning. The violet colorway features shimmering metallics that thread with the deep violets and mauves to perfectly encapsulate the faint glimmer of gold as the sun begins to rise. The adventure closes at the night, as the sun sets and the depth of a midnight, charcoal surrounding begins to take over the senses. Accompanied are Spell's signature basics that speak to the femininity and tone of the collection - think dry, golden fields and sun-kissed grass as a backdrop for your adventure.

The Juniper story is crafted from a blend of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose and Organic Cotton, as well as using digital printing which utilizes 60% less water in the production process.

Spell Age of Aquarius Collection

Spell Age of Aquarius Collection - Part 2To learn more about this collection and more insight direct from the Spell team, explore the Spell blog. This delivery is one of our favorites to date and we know that the styles above will not last. Head to tonight at 8pm EST for your best chance to snag one of these beauties and enter the Age of Aquarius.