Spring Hours

March 01, 2021

In just a couple of weeks it will be one year since we first closed our doors for in-store shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am still deciding whether these past 12 months have happened in the blink of an eye, or if we have lived many lifetimes within them. Like many of our small business peers, we have had to make uncomfortable decisions, let go of expectations, and evaluate the extent to which this year will influence the long term plan and model of our operation. 

Back in August, Dakota wrote a detailed blog about the obstacles we were navigating at that time. She highlighted the tangible ways this pandemic was making its mark on Harper & Tucker, and us as business owners. It was summer, historically our busiest time of year, and we were very much in the minority of our community by not having our doors open for walk-ins. To say we had many sleepless nights during the summer season would be an understatement. What really got us through that time though was you, the customers that shifted the way they shopped with us and proved themselves to be loyal beyond measure. While we have since then reopened our doors for walk-ins for part of the week, our philosophy about navigating this pandemic has maintained. The safety of our team and customers have been and will always be our upmost priority. 

It is for this reason we have been hesitant to announce consistent, fixed hours for walk-ins. If you follow us @harperandtucker, you may have noticed story posts about being open on some weekdays and weekends, but fixed, posted hours operation have been missing. When we re-opened our doors in the Fall, we were committed to care and diligence in monitoring the state and national case count week by week. While we would've loved nothing more than to have been fully re-opened through the holidays, with the rise of cases and the emergence of new variants, we chose to be more cautious with a slower, limited and cautious re-opening. Also, unsure if a second lockdown would occur, we just didn't want to make a promise to you we couldn't keep. 

We really have appreciated all of your patience this past year. It is part of our mission and philosophy to provide our customers a stressless and easy shopping experience, and we appreciate your flexibility during this year of an inconsistent schedule. So for those of you that have shopped on a different day than you wanted, picked up curbside, ordered online, or reached out to confirm our schedule, we are so grateful for your flexibility and loyalty. And, with that in mind, words cannot express how ecstatic I am to make this next announcement - starting today (March 1st), we are now open for walk-ins 7-days a week!



With more of the population getting vaccinated and the declining cases nationwide, we are ready to return to a normal retail schedule. All of our COVID-19 protocols will be followed and enforced, and we still offer (and encourage!) curbside pickup and local delivery. But...this month our doors at 146 Bellevue Ave are scheduled to be open EVERY DAY from 11-4pm, with the hope that we will open for longer days as we inch closer to summer. While we are by no means operating under normal conditions yet (and so continue to ask for your flexibility and patience when we get a curveball) we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for continuing to be on this journey with us, and we look forward to seeing your gorgeous masked faces in the shop every and any day this month! 

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