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We Are Hiring!

August 31, 2021

It feels like just a moment ago we were celebrating the start of summer and in a blink of an eye we are already planning Labor Day Weekend. This summer has been a whirlwind and while I'm nowhere ready to pull out my tall boots and chunky knits, I know that time is just around the corner. As we savor the last bit of summer, I want to reflect on one of our greatest highlights of the season: the Harper & Tucker team. 

We count ourselves extremely lucky to have had a team of amazing women who started working for us around Memorial Weekend. This group of self-motivated, talented stylists were an extension of Dakota and me whenever we were not at the shop. From fun team group chats to always being ready to trade shifts to cover for a teammate, the chemistry of this staff continued to surprise and delight us. We are so grateful that we get to hang on to a few team members who will be staying with us into the Fall, but some members were only in Rhode Island for the summer and are now making their marks elsewhere.

Long story short - we have openings in our team and are ready to hire for the Fall! We want to continue to have a dynamic group of go-getters who love being at the shop and interacting with our shoppers just as much as we do. Think you might be the right fit for our team? Well read on - we thought it would be fun to give a little peek into a day at Harper & Tucker.


We open our doors at 10am every day, and luckily we have a parking space for our employees behind the building so you'll never be scrambling for street parking! We have a little sign-in sheet for you to record your arrival time, and on that same sheet you will mark your completed morning duties (like watering the plants and turning on all the electronics). Because the closing stylist leaves the shop in tip top shape when they close, the shop should be clean and organized for you as soon as you walk through the doors! When you're at the shop it becomes your own little business to run, so put on your favorite playlist and feel free to set the vibe for your day. 

Online orders are an integral part of our business, and all of our online operations are managed at the shop. We will train you to check if new orders came in the night before and you will be responsible for packaging and fulfilling those orders and writing the little thank you's we send with each one. And we will always leave you notes in our employee note book if there is anything you need to know first thing that morning! 


This is where the fun really starts! Interacting with shoppers, and helping them with their purchases is what made us fall in love with retail. Being a part of our team means styling customers (when they want the assistance) and being their own personal shopping partner. With that said, we are just as happy to welcome casual browsers as we are the hands on shoppers, so we will train you to follow our customers' lead to give them the shopping experience that they want. You will learn about our collections and brands during training, but we know that there is no better training tool than hands on experience. We are a text/call away from answering any questions you may have, but soon enough you will learn our assortment like the back of your hand! 

When you're not working with a customer directly, you'll be keeping the store organized for the next - maintaining racks, styling mannequins, cleaning mirrors, and tidying our tables. We know that there are sometimes lulls in your day (especially in the off season months), so we encourage our team to bring in something for that time whether that be homework or a book. We will still expect you to prioritize your duties first and foremost and put aside anything as soon as someone walks in, so we can give them our full attention! 

If you are just working the morning shift your afternoon replacement will come in right around 2pm. We set the schedule a month in advance, so you will always know who that person is supposed to be. On that same morning sign-in sheet you will mark completed midday duties, so the afternoon Stylist is able to walk in with the shop ready for their shift. You will check-in about items on hold, introduce them to any current shoppers, and make sure that they are set up for success. If you are working a full-day at the shop, the early afternoon is a great time to flip our "Open" sign to "Back in 15" and grab a little takeout from one of our delicious neighbors (Pasta Beach, Meg's Aussie Milk Bar, Cru Cafe are some of my favs). We also have a mini fridge for you in the back to keep your packed lunch fresh!  


We try to keep closing easy for you, so you don't have to stay at the shop too long after our doors close for shoppers! We have some closing duties that you will need to complete before leaving but, depending on the amount of foot traffic toward the end of the day, we welcome you to start your side work thirty minutes to close so you can be out the door once the shop is perfect! You will sign out the time that you leave the shop, so you are compensated for every extra minute you spend caring for the store past closing time.

Being a Harper & Tucker employee means you are an extension of us and the rest of your teammates. We trust our employees implicitly to use their best judgment, reach out whenever they need help, and be transparent and honest with us. Schedules are set in advance, so you know exactly the times you are expected to work, and so we can best work around your schedule ahead of time. The most important thing that we want for our employees is to have fun, to feel autonomous when at the shop, and to make this experience as full as they want it to be.

Maybe you are a master merchandiser - somebody that makes the shop even more beautiful than when you left it, a sales prodigy - a person that makes the customer feel comfortable and supported the second they walk in, a content creator - a creative who designs and curates images for our social media, or all three! We are looking for the next piece on our team, and hope that this little preview lets you know what being a Harper & Tucker Stylist is all about. 

Click here to learn more about the Stylist role and how to apply, and we look forward to embracing you with open arms! And for our past and current members of the team - thank you for everything that you do for us. 

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