Luca Hat

Packable wool hat
Soft and malleable western shape that fits like a standard dress hat
Can be easily packed away in luggage or a handbag and will return to its original shape
1" suede leather band
Gold screw closure
Brim: 3"
Crown: 4.5"
Small - 54 cm
Medium - 57 cm
Large - 59 cm


Janessa Leoné's packable wool is sustainable and cruelty-free. They clean, scour and dye our wool in our employee-owned factory right here in the United States. From shearing the wool, to hand polishing a finished body, our hats pass through 50 skilled artisan’s hands. Packable wool allows you to easily store your hat in your luggage, purse, or bag for up to a day while returning to its original shape.

Made in the USA