Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row Collection Image
Whimsy + Row is an eco-conscious, sustainable lifestyle brand founded in 2014 by born entrepreneur, Rachel Temko. After graduating fashion school in San Francisco, Rachel spent six years working her way up at a fashion start-up, from packaging boxes in a warehouse to eventually managing 70 employees. Frustrated by the dishonest and harmful practices in the fashion industry, she sought to create Whimsy + Row - a haven for the mindful woman who loves fashion. 
Whimsy + Row is handcrafted in limited batches in Los Angeles, operating under ethical conditions and using eco-friendly natural fabrics and locally sourced deadstock textiles and materials. Their low impact fabrics come from other brands that would otherwise sit dormant in a warehouse and eventually end up in landfills. Because Whimsy + Row designs seasons in small batches cuts small quantities of each style, each piece is truly unique and special.
The Whimsy + Row woman is modern, flirty, elegant and stands apart from the rest. She loves trends and fashion as much as she does the planet and its people. She is a classic, with a little bit of edge.