Crystal Essential Oil Roll-On


Each roll-on contains crystals, essential oils, and coconut oil which work together to promote well-being. Between the lovely scents and good crystal vibes, they will have you feeling your best and carrying good energy into the world. 

Tranquility - Amethyst & Lavender
Crafted with amethyst crystals, the creative and calming stone historically used by healers
Lavender essential oil for calming, tranquil vibesLavender buds

Self Love - Rose Quartz & Rose Geranium
Crafted with rose quartz, the ultimate self love and unconditional love stone
Rose geranium essential oil to promote feelings of well-being
Rose buds

Blessed - Peridot & Sage
Crafted with peridot crystals, the stone associated with manifestation and abundance
Sage essential oil for energy clearing