Crystal Smudge Spray


Infused with crystals and essential oils, these smudge sprays are a luscious aromatic alternative to burning sage. The positive energy from the crystals and the soothing properties of the essential oils will allow only good vibes in all of your spaces. Spritz any time your space needs a little burst of positivity!

Tranquility - Amethyst & Lavender
Crafted with amethyst crystals, the creative and calming stone historically used by healers
Lavender essential oil for calming, tranquil vibes
Lavender buds

Self Love - Rose Quartz & Rose Geranium
Crafted with rose quartz, the ultimate self love and unconditional love stone
Rose geranium essential oil to promote feelings of well-being
Rose buds


Protection - Black Tourmaline & Palo Santo
Crafted with Black Tourmaline Crystals, the pinnacle of protective stones, with a very grounding energy
Palo santo essential oil and sage essential oil