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Natural Body Brush

It is estimated that at least ⅓ of the body’s toxins are located in the skin. Body brushing is one of the easiest ways to remove dead skin cells, increase circulation, breaks up cellulite and open up clogged pores. This natural bristle, wooden handle bath and body brush stimulates the lymphatic system, giving your body the support it needs to flush out all of those harmful toxins.

Apothecary Company
Due to hygienic reasons, returns of brush are not accepted 


- Starting at your feet, move towards your heart, brushing your body with small soft strokes to help move toxins through the lymph nodes of your body, encouraging elimination.

- Follow with a relaxing shower, or for even more toxin eliminating benefits, a salt bath.

-For ultimate toxin elimination, pair withAbacadabra Sparkling Salt Soak