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  • 146 Bellevue Build-Out

    February 26, 2020

    Sneak peek

    146 bellevue build-out

    On February 1st, we closed our doors at 190 Bellevue and moved our store to 146 - our new home. 

    The overhaul began the moment we stepped into the new shop. We knew it would take creativity and hard work to design and build out the H&T haven we envisioned, but we were already in love with the bones of the space. The front corner windows were already the bright heart of the shop, so we went right to work to whitewash the trim and fill the panes with plants, a sitting area, and mannequins.

    Our goal was to take our favorite pieces from all 190 and add features we liked from other pop-up spaces we have occupied to create a space that was completely our design. We always loved the layout of 190 Bellevue, with copper racks against a clean white backdrop and checkout station in the center of the space. It makes for a natural flow and allows us to engage with the whole shop from the center out. Our cash-wrap station was one of the main features we inherited when we moved into 190, and we grew quite attached to it, so we knew we wanted to recreate something similar at the new shop. Our contractor, Arthur Mead, had the idea to create two parallel counters instead of one L shaped unit, so the space would feel more open, while also giving us more workspace. 

    The vibe at Harper & Tucker walks the line of a coastal oasis and chic minimalism. You'll find metallic accents throughout all of our fixtures, from the spotlights to the clean lines of our mirrors. We love a clean, neutral pallet with texture pops, and we like to leave it to the clothing to bring color to the space. We use plenty of plants to breathe life into the shop, mixed with other natural accents that remind you that you are close to the beach, like natural woven chandeliers, driftwood tables, and rope details. 

    From painting ceilings at the tip top of an eight-foot ladder, to knocking down a beam with just a hammer, to driving to Vermont to fit a near 7ft mirror in the back of a Subaru, to meticulously painting the floor trim to perfection - we have put our whole souls into making this vision a reality. We could never have gotten it done without the help and support of our family, the patience of our new landlord and neighbors during construction, and our detail-oriented contractor, Arthur Mead. Arthur was the ideal partner to collaborate with on our custom designs, from his commitment to fulfilling our vision and making the buildout a seamless process, to lending us tools and teaching us techniques so we could tackle some tasks ourselves.

    We are thrilled to welcome you to 146 Bellevue!