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It all began in the brick and cobblestone town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Dakota and Natalie met while moving into neighboring rooms in a big white sorority house on Rosemary street. Dakota had migrated her way down the East Coast from nautical Newport, Rhode Island and Natalie had brought the sunshine with her all the way from Santa Barbara, California. One heart-to-heart, a night out, and a morning biscuit later they were quickly inseparable.

Though from opposite coasts, the girls shared an infatuation with Carolina and the South, quickly adopting "y'all" into their vocabulary, planning weekends around football tailgates and basketball games, and adopting boots as a new staple in their wardrobes. They both loved style, and learned a bit from one another. Dakota borrowed Natalie’s snuggly oversized knits, Natalie went with Dakota to get her nails done.

Over the years their friendship took them all over map – riding horses on the beaches of Punta Cana, bar-hopping down King street in Charleston, basking like mermaids in the ocean of Sunset Beach. They were always seeking fun, but they were working hard too. Both girls were ambitious, though in different ways. After graduation, Dakota landed her dream job in the corporate buying offices of a luxury fashion retailer in Dallas, and Natalie left for Denver to make the world a better place with an education nonprofit.
After getting her fill of mountains and snow, Natalie joined Dakota in the corporate Dallas world. They lived a year there in a rush of working long weeks, then dressing up, dining, and dreaming on the weekends. It was nearing summertime when both free-spirits were restless in their corporate careers. They had been planning the “what ifs” of opening their own store for months. They wanted to create a place where their individual styles would mingle into something truly special – feminine but simple, effortless but put together, classic but contemporary, rustic but soft. A place where girls who had as much fun with clothes as they did could come to find everything they would need for any occasion, any destination. A place that would never feel too serious - where you could splurge on the softest leather jacket, or drop in for a fun romper to wear on a last minute date. They would be the treasure hunters – curating collections filled with effortless, affordable items from smaller brands and accented with luxury key pieces from coveted designers. Harper & Tucker would be a place to have fun, to dream a little bit, and to indulge in beauty, both inside and out.
One Saturday the girls agreed to scope out the boutique scene in one of Dallas’ emerging neighborhoods. They shopped and planned and daydreamed about their business venture. The one thing that had stumped them was what they would call this new shop, lifestyle, business. For weeks they had shot ideas back and forth, but nothing felt quite right.

It suddenly began to pour buckets of rain and so they fled into a nearby pizza place and took two seats at the bar, sopping wet and laughing. Here, the rain splattering on the windows, over IPA’s and shared pies, the girls took a break from business talk. Both animal lovers, their chatter inevitably turned to their plans to adopt dogs once they had quit their day jobs. It was then that an idea came to Dakota.
“What if we named the store after the dogs? The two names together?”
Natalie’s eyes lit up, and without missing a beat, she replied with the two names they had already picked-
“Harper and Tucker”
And there it was. Natalie was the Harper and Dakota was the Tucker.
Since then, it’s been a blur.  
Dakota and Natalie are living the Harper & Tucker lifestyle. They are free-spirited and spontaneous, but always have at least one backup plan. They love sunshine, ocean, good books, champagne, animals, brunch, traveling, any kind of adventure, and of course, shopping. They are brave and strong willed, but only because they know they have heads on their shoulders. They work tirelessly when they need to, but without taking life too seriously. They have roots sprouting from Rhode Island, California, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and Texas – and their style pulls their favorite things from each of their homes. They have followed their arrows and made it here – and they hope that maybe a little bit of Harper & Tucker love will help you follow your arrow, too.