Natalie in Audrey Knit Sweater


Sancia is the love child of traditional artisan craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. Its original vision was to evoke a sense of wanderlust for the modern jet setter, create a classic yet elevated aesthetic, and bring to life the carefree mindset and beauty of Australia. The Sancia vision has been realized with a full range of product categories from handbags to apparel, inspired by global influence and staying true to the brand's core ethos of artisanal, handcrafted processes. 


Since its onset, Sancia has been committed to sustainable practices. Sancia goods are made in small batches, never mass produced. For the past five years Sancia has partnered closely with small family-run businesses to ensure they know the lives of the craftsmen they partner with. Sancia refuses to work with synthetic fabrication, solely using natural, plant-based fabrics for all of their apparel. Tencel has become the cornerstone of Sancia apparel fabrication, sourced from fast-growing Eucalyptus trees from regional sustainable farms. 
All Sancia good are shipped plastic free; their garment bags and wrapping are 100% biodegradable, crafted from corn-starch, a renewable plant based material.