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  • Halloween 2020

    October 14, 2020

    There is something so visceral about the month of October - it gets darker earlier, sunny days are pricked with crisp temperatures, bright orange pumpkins adorn every stoop, and our streets are covered with shades of gold and rust-colored leaves ready to be swept up at the next breeze. Fall has always been my favorite season, and October is the pinnacle month of its beauty and feeling. There is both eeriness to these darker days and fallen leaves, and excitement that surrounds the month as we bask in harvest vegetables, decorated porches, fall colors, and the wonders and mysticism that surround Halloween.   

    While I love family gatherings and the Holiday season as much as the next person, Halloween is by far my favorite day of the year to celebrate. Halloween evolves with you. As a child, you are engrossed in trick-or-treating with your new friends from class, finding that unique yet cool costume (did anybody else hoard costume catalogs?), immersing yourself in Halloween-themed story books, crafting decorations for the classroom, and (of course) eating as much candy as possible! As you get older, Halloween becomes a day to gather and an excuse to dress-up and play like a child with all of your friends. With the growing responsibilities of adulthood, it feels like a "treat" to have a day of indulgence and fun, reminiscent of that increasingly allusive child-like glee. Since moving to New England, I have found myself much more interested in the lore and tradition of Halloween - fact and fiction. Taking a day-trip to Salem, exploring graveyards of my ancestors, rereading Sleepy Hollow, carving a pumpkin in the tradition of Stingy Jack, or lighting Palo Santo to clarify my space - I find myself appreciating all that Halloween represents and its eerie mysticism and history. 

    When I visited Salem last October, the town was already abuzz with the  unique and unusual circumstances surrounding Halloween 2020. On October 31, 2020, there will be a full Halloween Hunter's Blue Moon (Blue Moons are second of two full moons in a single calendar month, and only occur once every 2-3 years). This will also be the first time there's a full moon on Halloween for all time zones since 1944, and as far as my research indicates the first Halloween Blue Moon that has been recorded. This Halloween also leads into the end of daylight saving time, so we will all get back an extra hour of sleep, post-celebration and festivities. And finally, Halloween 2020 falls on a Saturday - while not mystical, this fact is exciting for children and adult celebrators alike.

    We have some fun goodies at the shop that can help you celebrate no matter what your 2020 Halloween will look like. Whether you are curled up reading at home by the fire, hosting your annual Hocus Pocus viewing party, channeling this unique lunar energy for a cleansing of space and mind, or acting a ghoul out on the town.


    When dreaming of my Halloween 2020 I picture myself at-home brewing a batch of spiked apple cider, crafting a homemade dinner filled with harvest veggies, an apartment adorned with candles, and a classic Halloween film. For those of us planning to stay at home, I know that may not seem like the most enthralling choice, particularly during a year of many nights at-home, but we've got a few tips and ways for you to elevate Halloween night!


    The Foxt TarotTarot Cloth


    For a unique, at home Halloween activity you can embark on a journey of self-exploration with our new The Fox Tarot astrology-inspired tarot deck. This deck blends the traditional practice of tarot wisdom with the zodiac and planets, so you can bask in the Hunter Moon and reflect on past, present, and beyond! Whether you are a seasoned psychic or new to tarot, this deck will have everything you need including a guidebook for meanings and groupings of various cards and elements. To set the scene, dim the lights, light your favorite Wine Candle, and drape the matching Tarot Cloth over your dining table so you can best read your cards and share in any revelations. If you really want to open the mind to discoveries and uncharted paths you can spray the spiritual space with our favorite New Moon Manifesting Mist. Infused with focusing crystals and soothing essential oils, this mist is the perfect detail to create an ambiance that will best clarify the mind and set an intention for your tarot practice. 


    Spell Mystic Tasseled Robe

    Even if it is just you at home, I challenge you to indulge and get creative with your Halloween-from-home ensemble. You may not be in costume, but playing with your lounge attire will help you embrace the mysticism of the day and feel as though you are participating in the festivities no matter where you are! To me, the Spell Mystic Tasseled Robe not only embodies whimsical, feminine beauty but also is a dreamy blend of golds and rusts that truly revere the season. The intricate patter and fringe detailing gives her an element of old-world and spiritual medium vibes so that you can feel like a mystical goddess while watching Netflix. Pair her with your favorite go-to leggings or even the Nightfall Mystic Bells to keep you comfy but with an elevated and themed look!   

    Halloween Fun 

    If you have some fun social plans or just feel that you want to embrace the more traditional Halloween spirit of transforming yourself for the evening - we have some incredible pieces that you will be able to wear on October 31st and beyond! 

    Spell Mystic

    While I know that dressing as a witch can be considered 'done' or 'unimaginative' - we have the perfect witchy pieces that will transform the broom carrying childhood costume to something empowering and mystifying. I am LOVING the Nightfall Mystic Mini Dress for a 2020 update to a witch costume. Between the scalloped lace trim and the frill across the neck, there is something so vintage and alluringly seductive in its design so you can evoke a sense of empowered femininity. I love how we paired her in our most recent photoshoot with our Black Height Knee Boots, and think that a pop of burgundy or deep mauve on the lip would absolutely complete your witchy look. Another beauty from the Mystic Collection that immediately gives me bohemian chic and witchy vibes is the Black Mystic Sleeveless Midi Dress. This beauty's detailing and design feels like an ode to a more traditional and cinematic image of a witch, but the gold lurex threading brings a unique, glowing element. Style her with black booties and a large belt buckle for a traditional look, or play with some makeup highlighter and braided hair to become an ethereal goddess - you'll be shining under the moonlit sky all evening long! 

    Whether you are celebrating this unique Halloween from the comfort of home or surrounded by friends and festivities - this day can be whatever you want it to be. Brace yourself for a fun and spooky Halloween - Mercury is retrograde beginning today through November 3rd, so you may want to clarify your space and mind to confront whatever is waiting for you on October 31st!