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    December 03, 2019

    Join us for our


    Happy giving Tuesday!

    Last year, we started a Harper & Tucker tradition to partner with a local organization for a clothing donation drive. This year we will be partnering with the Providence-based nonprofit, Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island. In 2013, DIIR was born from the union of two Rhode Island organizations: The International Institute of Rhode Island and the Dorcas Place Adult and Family Literacy Center. Dorcas Place’s mission was to assist low-income adults to realize their full potential through literacy, collaboration, advocacy and community involvement. Since joining forces with the International Institute of Rhode Island, the original mission transformed into an all-encompassing effort to provide education and job readiness opportunities along with legal services for citizenship, immigration and refugee resettlement programs in Rhode Island.  

    After visiting DIIR's headquarters and speaking with the staff, it became clear that miracles are happing right in our backyard. Partnering with this organization feels like a fortuitous full circle for me. I spent my formative years pursuing work in the nonprofit sector with a focus on education and refugee resettlement. My interest in the refugee crisis piqued my senior year in high school, when I chose it as the focus of my Student Exhibition project. The project culminates with a Ted Talk-like presentation in front of faculty, family and friends. For my thesis, I analyzed the refugee and internally displaced person crisis through the lens of women across three different types of countries and settlements. I channeled this new-found fervor by pursing a summer internship at Refugees International in DC and then, after graduating from UNC, spent a service year fundraising on behalf of Reading Partners, a domestic literacy organization. The marriage of DIIR's two initiatives embodies my focuses and work in my early years, and it feels very serendipitous that Harper & Tucker could give back and partner with an organization working for this cause. 

    This is where you come in! December 3rd-13th Harper & Tucker will be accepting clothing and gift card donations. Your donations will go directly to DIIR's clothing collaborative branch for refugees and their families, as well as referred low-income Rhode Island residents. Every person that donates will get 10% off their next purchase at Harper & Tucker.