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New Gems, Jewels, and Stones

December 13, 2019

My mother Joyce shared her love of jewelry with me at a young age. There is something that just feels special about giving and receiving a little piece of beauty. It becomes a part of your every day life as you wear it. Each piece of fine jewelry I have collected over the years reminds me of the person who gave it to me, or the place I was where I got it, or simply the time of my life I was in. Jewelry can become a symbol of the love that was given with it. 

We have slowly expanded our jewelry collections at Harper & Tucker, but until now have not crossed over into the realm of semi precious or fine jewelry. When my mom had the idea to curate a collection of special pieces for us, Natalie and I were immediately excited and knew it would be a great addition to our stores.

Hammered Hoop Druzy Earrings

Until now, I had not made the connection of the parallel of my mom's early career and mine. I am the daughter of two Psychologists, and so my aspirations in fashion always seemed new and vastly different from my parents' careers. But in her late twenties, before my mom went on to graduate school, she worked at a jewelry store. I've always known her to have intricate and deep knowledge about gems and fine jewelry, and her love of special pieces was undoubtably a force in forming my love and appreciation for beauty.

It has been so much fun working with her on this collection. She had the idea after falling in love with a ring she bought for herself from Mickey Lynn. We both thought it was so unique and beautiful, and while I tried it on one day, she said to me "You know, I think these would fit in so beautifully at the store, don't you?" And she was right, the style was so in line with the aesthetic Natalie and I have curated at Harper & Tucker. When I started to do some research, it became clear that Mickey Lynn's process and mission were in line with ours too. And so the first designer in our semi precious jewelry collection was discovered.


Labradorite Leor Ring


Mickey Lynn jewelry is hand crafted by a small team in Atlanta and ethically sourced, using only natural, conscious materials. Their stones are mined and cut using sustainable practices by artisans who are treated and paid fairly. The collection is inspired by the colors, patterns, and textures the artists find in travel and nature. Each piece is unique due to the variation in the natural stones, and that is part of what we think makes them so beautiful and special. These are truly artisan treasures, crafted with simple design that highlights the natural beauty of the semiprecious gems.


Mickey Lynn display box


I love how the collection juxtaposes minimalist gold lines with the glimmering jewels. The stones are the statement of each piece, immediately drawing attention, while the hammered gold settings in the rings, and the dainty chains in the necklaces, bracelets and earrings, are more subtle. The pieces mix and style so well together, so you can keep adding on to an arm party or ring stack. All of the pieces we have available at the stores and online are 14k gold filled, but almost every piece can be custom ordered in solid 14k gold, so do not hesitate to contact us to ask for pricing and details.

We are so excited to debut the collection at both our Newport and Providence stores at our Holiday Parties this weekend! 


Harper & Tucker Holiday Party Invite


Visit to chat with my mom, Natalie, and me about the new collection and shop it in person! We will also be serving bubbly and wrapping up our holiday clothing drive - bring a donation and receive 10% off all of your shopping during the party! RSVP at our event page!

We are so happy to have these pieces ready for you to shop just in time for the holidays. We think they make the most special gifts, and will add just a little bit of sparkle to you and your loved ones' season.

This is only the beginning of fine jewelry at Harper & Tucker. My mom is already on a treasure hunt for the next jewelry designer for us.  As we went through the first collection she curated (available here), it reminded me of the many mother daughter shopping sprees we have been on in my life and she laughed, "I can see why you like doing this, this is fun!"

I hope you all have as much fun shopping the collection as we did.