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  • Our Newport Store is Moving

    January 14, 2020


    newport STORE IS MOVING

    To 146 Bellevue Avenue

    Next month, we will be moving to a new storefront just across Memorial Blvd to 146 Bellevue Ave!

    We have been so thankful for our home at 190 Bellevue and for the friendships we have built on the block. Opening this flagship was a turning point for Harper & Tucker and as we have grown and changed, this shop has remained steadfast. From after-hours sip and shops to bustling summer mornings, 190 Bellevue was our home base and saw us through nearly 3 years of growth. This space will always hold a piece of our heart. Making the choice to move was a hard one, and we have been a little extra sentimental the last few weeks. 

     But this is what makes our new space on Bellevue all the more exciting - this is going to be an even better fit for our next chapter in Newport. Whenever we are presented with an opportunity, we weigh pros and cons ad nauseam, challenging ourselves to address everything from the smallest detail to the larger picture and everything in between. We look at numbers and talk scenarios, but it seems as though we often know what we have to do before going through the weeds of the details. A decision not only needs to logically check out, it needs to feel right...the moment we discovered this space was available to us, we knew in our core it was the right move.

    146 Bellevue is a corner storefront with vast windows, rich grey hardwood floors, and more wall-space for racks to display our newest brands and styles. We are currently daydreaming about all of the natural light and making plans for how we will make this store even more uniquely our own. We are only going a block down the street, so we are thrilled to still call Bellevue our neighborhood. We'll now be next door to Newport cornerstones such as Pasta Beach and Kristen Coates, and around the corner from First Beach, Hotel Viking and the Newport Farmer's Market!  

     We are ever grateful to our friend Molly Kirby from Kirby Properties for being such a force for us over the Holidays, and for working tirelessly with us to make this move a reality. We also are feeling extra thankful to Newport and our little neighborhood for supporting us, and following us as we navigate this crazy ride.  We can’t tell you how energized and excited we are - and cannot wait to welcome you into our new Newport home!  

     We will continue to keep you posted on our store opening, move-out party, new arrivals and more over the next few weeks. Thank you so much for continuing this journey for us and we cannot wait to see you at 146 Bellevue soon!