• Ruched Maxi Dress


  • Re-Inventing Our Basics

    October 11, 2019


    One of the beauties of fashion is that it gives you the power you to reinvent yourself just by changing your clothes. We have been thinking about this a lot recently, as we are always striving to be a better company.  

    It has become obvious to us that we would like to support and grow our company alongside brands whose ethics and practices mirror our own. We want to be a boutique filled with clothing made by companies that believe in environmental sustainability, social responsibility, women empowerment, and kindness. 

    What does this mean?

    We will be phasing out some brands that do not prioritize these values to make room for new designers that we choose not only for their style, but also for their ethics and business practices.

    Not every brand will check every box, but we will choose the brands we partner with intentionally. It is important to us that we share core values. 

    We are striving for progress, not perfection and it will take us a good time before every piece in our inventory is reflective of these values. But know we are working on it.


    Brands that make their clothes in the USA, or have made commitments to fair trade and the wellbeing of the people who make their clothes and work in their factories.

    Brands that use sustainable or up-cycled fabrics and have made a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. 

    Brands that avoid animal derived products. 

    Brands that are women-owned and operated .



    We knew we would need to find a new line of basics for you to layer with, and these are our favorite foundational pieces we have ever worn. Each piece is made in LA with high quality you can feel, and designed to be softer-than-soft as they contour to your body. 

    Everyone working at the shop has been living in these pieces just about every day. We love versatility of these foundation pieces - they are meant for layering, and many can be worn as an undergarment one day, then a crop top the next. The designs can take you from barre class to the bar with an effortless, sexy vibe.  

     This is just the beginning of us introducing you to new brands that will be an update to what you have been wearing - not only because they are more stylish, but also because you can feel good about where the clothes came from and how they were made.