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  • Together (Apart)

    March 30, 2020

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    together (apart)

    An alliance for like-minded small businesses

    Together Apart


    All of our worlds have changed quickly over the last few weeks, but despite hardships, we have been so heartened by acts of kindness and support - from our friends to our customers to the brands we work with. Whimsy + Row has put together an alliance for like-minded small businesses called Together (Apart). It is based on the truth that this is a tough time, but no one is in this alone. Each participating brand is offering 20% off site-wide and giving 5% of sales to  Feeding America with code TOGETHERAPART. Get a little, give a little!

    Visit the official Together (Apart) page for the most updated list of participating allies! If you are a part of a small business and want to join,  email

    This is a trying time for small businesses, and every bit of support helps. We hope you will have fun shopping small with us and our like-minded allies, and we are wishing you all the wellness and happiness in the world!