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Treasure Hunting

June 17, 2020

I am often asked by friends and family what my favorite thing is about owning and operating Harper & Tucker. Truth be told, I think I change my response every time I answer. From running it with my best friend, to working with and empowering our customers, to creating a business that reflects the values I, as a consumer, want to see more of, to being apart of a local economy...there are many reasons why I love what I do every day. With that said, the greatest "rush" or moment of pure joy comes when we discover a new brand that reminds us of the artistry in fashion. 

Dakota and I are always seeking out new designers and curating our collection, finding brands that we know will hang beside our current styles seamlessly yet still shine on their own. Spell was just that brand when we discovered them a couple years ago - familiar yet nothing like we had ever seen before. From their artistic dedication to elevating and modernizing the bohemian aesthetic, to their commitment to upholding ethical values in the manufacturing process, Spell stands apart and often sets the standard for us. Since adding Spell to our assortment we have uncovered this incredible, tight-knit community of boho babes ("Spellies") across the globe who embody the beauty and integrity of the brand itself. It has been a pleasure as well to introduce these gorgeous prints and effortless silhouettes to our local community and customers, sharing the beauty that is Spell by adding these special pieces to your closets.

This most recent Spell collection, Blue Moon, lived up to its name and the way in which it has uniquely elevated expectations for the brand and future collections. With the chaos of this pandemic front and center in our day-to-day, this collection was a bright spot for all of us in need of a little extra beauty. After completely selling out of the collection more than once and now, with just a few styles left, I thought I could introduce you to some other beauties that we have in our trove that inspire similar brightness. We love helping you find your next favorite brand, and I have some ideas of pieces we have right now that remind me of Blue Moon's adored feminine, vintage-inspired treasures, made by brands with equal beauty and integrity.

Merritt Charles Sunshine Yellow Sweet Berry Top

We have fallen in love with Merritt Charles for its feminine silhouettes and L.A. inspired style. The Sunshine Yellow Sweet Top is a classic beauty and reflect a similar brightness to the bestselling Honey Dew Short Sleeve Blouse. There is something so light and reminiscent of summer in these bright yellows, but I completely fell in love with the subtle sexiness of the Sweet Top. I think she's the perfect pair with white denim, but can also complement flowy, breezy bottoms, like Spell's own Earth Bianca Wide Leg Pants. 

Cleobella Saffron Mindy Midi Dress

There is something about Spell's Nude Cinder Midi Dress that makes me want to daydream in a field like a protagonist from an Austen novel. Whimsical yet chic, she really strikes this elusively modern yet throwback look. The Saffron Mindy Midi Dress from Cleobella hits that note as well. Featuring similar front button detailing and a tie at the waist, you could see her just as well at a garden party or a farmer's market, under the shadow of a straw hat with a Macrame Tote full of summer veggies.

Dakota in Show Me Your Mumu Jordana Cape

The Charcoal Jimi Midi Robe truly comes around once in a Blue Moon. It's eye-catching and is one of those coveted pieces that will immediately elevate an everyday outfit to a vogue-worthy ensemble. While the print and gold threading of this topper really is one-of-a-kind, the Fall in Leaf Jordana Cape from Show Me Your Mumu will have a similar impact on any outfit. The rich, gold textured fabric is out of a fall fantasy and yet there is something so seasonless and timeless about this piece. The silhouette is universally flattering and its wearer will feel like they're floating down the street. Currently on sale for $78 this cape is an absolute no-brainer! 

Monte Tigerlily Roxanne Midi Dress

Finally, the Tigerlily Roxanne Midi Dress from LA-based and locally sourced fashion brand MONTE is truly a piece out of any Spell-lovers dream. Reminding me of the classic silhouette of the Honeydew Portobello Road Babydoll Midi Dress, Roxanne is one of those dresses that represents and heralds a new generation of boho babes. The ruffled sleeve detail takes us back and yet the deep v-neckline and neutral floral print makes her a standout in 2020. 

Dakota and I have always taken seriously the privilege of being your treasure hunters and finding pieces that reflect who you are, while also opening your mind and heart to other beauties. We handpick each of our brands with such precision and vision, creating a curated, unified assortment while still highlighting each brand for its unique identity. We love having collections by your tried and true favorite makers, but we especially relish in the opportunity to introduce you to your next favorite brand.

xx, Natalie