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  • Trend Report: Accessories 2021

    March 17, 2021

    For our Winter Trend Report, Dakota highlighted the new accessories adorning our shop and discussed the current trend of layering to create fuller, textured outfits. Today I’m diving deeper into our assortment of accessories to explore the role they can play in revamping our wardrobes and inspiring new looks with the same pieces.  
    I have always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit. - Michael Kors 

    I think Michael Kors hit the nail on the head when it comes to the role that accessories can play in an outfit. They are the tiny details that can either take the back seat, elevate a simple ensemble, or make such a statement that a passerby feels like they know you with a single glance. When you have one of those days where your clothes feels tired, and you've fallen out of love with everything in your closet, throwing on a forgotten scarf can instantly expand your options and get the wheels turning on other style combos.  

    As I get older I find myself gravitating toward a more simple, minimalist wardrobe - soft neutrals, easy fits, day-to-night pieces that I can confidently reach for and restyle time and time again. I savor my bolder prints and brighter colors for special occasions (or maybe a little pick me up here or there), but with my commitment to maintaining a conscious closet I am often recycling the same pieces week-to-week. With that said, I don't think I have ever been more interested or inspired by my closet before. For me, that's where accessories come into play. By having a mix of jewelry, scarves, and hair accessories I can take my favorite white button down and dress it with my everyday jewelry for a day of errands or throw on hoops, a bright scarf, white pumps, and a beaded clutch for a fun night out. My wardrobe feels like a canvas with infinite opportunities. 

    It is for this reason I am absolutely loving being in the shop at the moment. Not only am I enamored with current apparel trends (more on that later), but our collection of accessories falls into this Spring palette that perfectly complements the clothing. We are firm believers in not carrying a product just to carry it, so when we have an overhaul of accessories it is because that specific collection is something we had to have. There are so many pretty "exclamation points" to choose from right now, so I am going to highlight some of my favorite pieces and show how I would use them to create many outfits. 

     Tie Scrunchies

    Cleobella Tie Scrunchie

    In the words of Emma Waston, "Scrunchies - cool, not cool?" While I completely understand that the scrunchie trend may not be everyone's cup of tea, I believe our assortment of Cleobella's tie scrunchies could even convince the greatest skeptic. The hand pressed wood-blocked prints are absolutely breathtaking from the blend of different shades of grey to a muted rose and soft beige. If you're a little wary of the tie detail, or throwing it into your hair, I actually think you could treat these pieces like a playful, casual piece of jewelry that could make a simple outfit just a tad more feminine. For instance, keeping it on the wrist while wearing our Stillwater Taupe Shirting Tunic, with a macrame bag and slip-on sandals would be so effortlessly chic and casual. 

    For wearing it in your hair, I find that there's almost a retro feel to leaving the tie undone. I love it in a low pony for just simply pulling your hair back, and actually think it could be a fun add-on with a neutral bathing suit this Summer while beachside.

    Woodblock Print Sarong

    Cleobella Sarong  

    Born out of the same collection as the tie scrunchies, take the hues and 100% organic cotton fabrication you love and create the most versatile of scarves for skipping into Spring. As a scarf, these colors are exactly what you need to give an extra pop to a simple outfit. I love the idea of pairing these different prints with something a little more modern and sophisticated, so they can be that little boho accent. While I adore blazers as a topper to an outfit, they can seem a little stiff and serious, so by throwing on a playful scarf you can immediately warm up your look to something more relaxed yet still chic. These colors really do reflect the palette adorning our racks so you could even pair one of the bolder prints with one of our other neutrals to paint the colors of Spring. 

    Beaded Bags

    I think that as we get closer to Summer and our world begins to open back up, we're going to see more and more people wanting to feel and dress with that "little extra something." Throw on a heel here, a bold print there, and then instead of a basic black clutch, you grab something a little more special and fun. Your bag is often the last item you grab to complete your outfit, making it that ultimate "exclamation point" to your ensemble. This is why I am loving how unique and special the bags at the shop are and how they really could be that extra piece that will uplift and revamp your entire outfit.

    Cleobella Bags

    The Natural Mariah Bag may be my personal favorite, with its vintage inspired beading that transports me to the roaring 20's. It's one of those bags that could pair with anything from a gown at your next black-tie event to the simplest of day-to-night outfits. And then for a little more playful, beachy alternative I actually think the Natural Aubree Bag is such a pretty option. I find it to be super feminine and dainty,  while still being vibrantly bold and truly one-of-a-kind. Next, the Ivy Phone Tote is so feminine and utterly unique. It's the perfect size to fit all of your girly essentials, and is the perfect bag to pack for your next vacation, blending together the function of its compactness with the playfulness of its trendy beaded and tie detail. 

    While these pieces are the ones that get my wheels turning to inspire fresh ensembles, this is just the beginning and we have so many more accessories at the shop that I haven't even touched on. Whether you're a minimalist or love to layer jewels and fabrics together, I truly believe that the way you accessorize an outfit can ultimately be your creative outlet when it comes to fashion.