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  • Trend Report: Spring 2021

    March 31, 2021

    The Spring equinox has passed and in Newport we are finally feeling the days get brighter, longer, and warmer. This time of year always feels to me like the world is slowly waking up - the peek-a-boos then the daffodils and the baby leaves start to pop up, Thames and Bellevue begin to bustle again, and shops that have been hibernating all winter throw open their doors for the first time all year. Just when we have gotten so sick of lugging around our scarves and winter coats, we get those first days of sunshine, thawing everything and giving us a preview of the warmth to come.

    I find that this time of year reignites the world's love for style - and I love greeting guests at the shop (loyal regulars and new faces alike!) to show them the newest essentials and trends for Spring. It also ends up being a time to catch up on what is new in their life and what has been going on at the boutique. I thought we could do a version of that here on the blog today for everyone who is not local or has not had a chance to pop by yet this season!

    So what's new? We are so thrilled to be back in the shop 7 days a week. This will be our first summer fully open at 146 Bellevue, and the anticipation for busy season is even greater than it has been in years past because we missed so much last summer with the pandemic at its height. We are approaching the light at the end of the tunnel, and we have our fingers crossed that the bright future we have been dreaming of is now near!

    We are working to fill the shop with styles from brands you already love and also new finds that we have come across in our sustainability journey. If you have been following us for a bit, you may know that in 2020 we made a pledge to work only with brands who were committed to ethical and sustainable production of their goods. Over the last year, this has led us to find so many new brands that are doing good for our planet, and let go of some that were no longer aligning with our journey. We are currently on the hunt for more sustainable swimwear and accessories - drop us a line if you have a brand we should know about! It is so exciting to be heading into Spring and Summer with a new space and a completely different assortment than we had the last Spring we were fully open.

    As we look ahead toward April, we are excited to celebrate Earth Month with a bunch of content focused on the journey toward sustainable style. There is so much work to be done in our industry, but I will say I am so hopeful and encouraged by how far attitudes toward sustainable fashion have come in just one year. I dream that one day, greener fabrics and fair trade will be the standard, and I am heartened to see so many new brands popping up with these priorities, and even old brands reforming and taking steps toward better practices. We are constantly asking brands that reach out to us if and when they are shifting to more sustainable fabrics - the more pressure we (and you!) put on them, the sooner it will happen. 

    April also brings our favorite local festival of the year, Daffodil Days! There is nothing like seeing these bright yellow beauties pop up all over Newport to remind us that Spring is here. These flowers are the first sign that life is back in town. April 1 means our favorite patio is opening at Surf Club, so you'll probably be needing something cute to put on to meet us there for a spicy watermelon margarita. From there, it's a domino effect - Spring is here after a year of being cooped up, and I think we are ALL ready to dress for it. 

    Here are just a few of my fav trends that we are seeing for Spring 2021!

    Neutral on Neutral


     Monochromatic ensembles are continuing into Spring, and while you can do monochrome in any shade, my favorite version of this trend is (predictably) neutral on neutral. When we talk about trends, I am always trying to see what we can take from these creative popular looks that actually has longevity and versatility. I think that the monochromatic trend can be classic and timeless, especially when your color pallet consists of creams, whites, and taupes. These calm neutrals just never go out of style, and you can adjust them to work in any season. In Spring and Summer, I style looks with crisper, brighter whites and they evoke sunbleached days. In Fall and Winter, I mix in warmer tones of ivory to get a cozy vibe that reflects the softness of cold-weather light. The takeaway here is that while you may be seeing Spring neutrals everywhere right now, you are going to be able to wear these pieces so they look entirely different but equally appropriate in any season or year. 

    I love playing both with using the exact same shade of neutral, and mixing variations in the same pallet. For example, you can do a set in one shade of sandy nude, add a hair tie or scarf in a pattern that draws in more shades of sand, and then top it with a white clutch and shoe for just a subtle pop of contrast. The best part about this color pallet is how fresh, clean, and chic it looks - sometimes minimalistic simplicity is key.

    Highlighter Brights 

    Tie Dye Weekend Mini DressDaisy Yellow Rae PlaydressLemonade Cheetah Set

    Neutrals aren't for everyone, and this season's answer to that is pops of brights.  Think of this pallet like a pack of highlighters - pure vibrant hues with hints of white (so the shades are light brights, instead of neon brights). Pink is a recurring theme in these bright pieces - a trend I can personally always get behind. 

    Brights for Spring is nothing ground breaking - but I love mixing them with other trends. Try a monochromatic look in a bright shade, or choose a pop in a floral pattern instead of one that is more muted. Our love of tie dye continues, and brights always kill it in a tie dye print. These looks are meant to be happy, lighthearted, and playful. 

    If you are normally shy with brights - go for a shoe instead of a full look. I have a barbie pink pair of heels that I have been pairing with my neutral looks to mix and match these contrasting Spring trends. 

    Resort State of Mind

    Melon Green Johns Button DownNavy Bambi Hola SkirtGreen Majestic Palm Cabana ShortWorld Tour Christy Dress
    Resort is a state of mind and this Spring, we are getting all the pieces to bring us to that beachside out-of-office mentality. We are seeing lots of green and blue in seaside shades, tropical prints, and flirty exotic cuts. The pieces are fun and carefree for any local as the weather warms, but they will also double as the perfect vacay looks for your next trip.

    This trend had such a breadth of how far you want to take it - if you love a palm print, go all out with a set, or if you like the more subtle hints of resort wear, lean into the whites and pale shades of mint and aqua. All of these pieces play so well together, so you will be able to mix and match them long into summer days.


    Wild Thing


    Coconut Zebra Wrap Me Up SkirtAnouk Spot Midi DressCaramel Bambi That Kind of Mood Top
    Wild is in! Animal print has become a new neutral in recent years, and it is here to stay. Of course, we have our usual leopards and cheetahs which range from more abstract spot patterns to the classic recognizable print we know and love. But animals beyond wild cats are now starting to have a resurgence - we are loving to see snake, zebra, and bambi popping up on our racks.

    These prints can be playful or polished and get us in touch with our wild side. I love pairing these earth-toned prints with pops of white, day or night in the Spring and Summer.

    I hope you are as excited to dress for the warmer days as I am! I have been having fun with playing with these trends at the shop on their own and even mixing them together. Monochromatic neutrals and animal prints can sometimes be one in the same look! Some of our newest Mumu pieces are both brights and animal. Throw away the rules and bask in the trends that call to you, because those are the trends that will become long lasting elements of your personal style.
    xx Dakota