Gemstone Prong Earrings

These gemstone prong earrings are our favorite statement studs! We love the idea of the crystal gemstones bringing us not only style, but also positive vibes! Each handpicked stone is unique and will vary in color and size - they are sisters not twins.

Amazonite - for truth, and to increase one's ability of expression
Clear Quartz - for healing, and to amplify surrounding energy
Rose Quartz - for love, and to open one's heart 
Amethyst - for spiritual growth, and encourage wellness and self-care
Obsidian - to block negativity, and release feelings of anger and frustration 
Howlite - for mindfulness, and concentration of thoughts and feelings


Gemstone Prong Earrings 
Set in 18K gold-plated sterling silver 
Each stone is unique and will vary in color and size 
Handmade in the USA
Photography by JaxKelly