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  • Sustainable is Chic

    April 14, 2020

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    A part of the fashion industry that won't go out of style.

    If we had known how chic sustainability could be, we would have committed to it from the beginning.   

    What made us fall in love with sustainable fashion?

    1. Each season is made in limited batches. This means that each piece is special and unique - you won't find many other people wearing the same thing. Once the collection is sold out, you won't be able to find it again, and neither will anyone else! 

    2. Buying from these sustainable designers means supporting other small businesses - often women owned and run. When small businesses come together, our thoughtful practices can make a big impact! 

    3. Natural fibers make for higher quality fabrics. Linen, cotton, rayon, viscose, and tencel (just to name a few) all breathe and flow in a way traditional synthetics just can't. There's nothing more luxurious than knowing everything touching your skin is toxin free, both for you and your environment! 

    4. The price tag is fair - you are paying for the most quality natural fabrics, modern designs, and ethical production, yet the cost is often comparable to brands that offer none of the above. It makes you question if you would rather pay a premium for the name on the label, or tangible factors that make a difference. 

    5. These brands truly believe in the future of sustainable fashion, and that means making pieces that last. The goal here is to give you all the joy that shopping brings, but for that joy to be less fleeting because you can treasure each piece you buy for years to come.  

    6. We love transparency, and these brands will let you know exactly where their fabrics are sourced, what their factories look like, and even what they are doing to reduce, reuse, and recycle in their daily operations. All of those things matter to them, and they are glad that they matter to you, too! 

    7. When thought is put into every step of a garment's production, you can feel the love and care poured into it. These pieces are truly artisan, handmade gems - from design to production. That couldn't be further from the mass produced mentality common in fast fashion. What's chicer than that?