Kivari Collection Page
KIVARI is an Australian lifestyle fashion brand, created by designer Kirstin-Lee Keysers. Taught as a child by her mother-in-law to sew, Kiki made her own dresses from a young age and dreamed to one day start her own fashion label. After starting a career as a radiographer and feeling that her creative outlet was missing in her life, Kiki launched KIVARI. From small beginnings in a stall at a local market, KIVARI has grown to open a flagship boutique in Sydney, and become an international fashion label. Designed for the modern, free-spirited woman, each collection embraces relaxed, ready-to-wear apparel made to make you feel unstoppable. Handcrafted with love, attention to detail and made with the highest quality of natural fabrics, every KIVARI piece will be a timeless addition to your forever wardrobe.

As a member of I=Change, KIVARI gives $1 from each sale to one of their selected projects - Restore the Reef, Protect a Woman, or Restore the Land. KIVARI is also working toward a sustainable future by introducing eco fabrics, and holding the factories they partner with accountable. KIVARI works with only accredited production facilities in China that meet environmental and ethical standards. They also have worked with the same small, family-run production house in Indonesia since their inception. The team at KIVARI is committed to the long journey ahead to improve the business's sustainability and social responsibility practices.  

"I believe that the most beautiful woman in the room is always the one who knows herself best. She is rooted in her worth, and owns her entire self, in all its gritty glory. She dresses with conviction and uses style as a true creative expression – she tells you exactly who she is, how she’s feeling and what she wants through her thoughtfully curated ensemble. This is the woman I design for." - Kiki