Devi Arts Collective

Devi Arts Collective is a handmade jewelry company with a strong commitment to ethics and sustainability. Each piece is hand crafted by owner and designer Bayoush Mengesha in her Vancouver studio. She is passionate about sourcing raw materials ethically - from using recycled silver and gold metals, to partnering with a 3rd generation family of gem cutters in India. Bayoush is passionate about being a slow fashion company, supporting talented women artisans, and prioritizing the wellbeing of everyone involved in her jewelry's creation.

Devi Arts Collective designs are inspired by nature, and Bayoush credits her Ethiopian roots for the signature contrast between beautiful simplicity and complex details. Her pieces have a dainty, delicate, elegant, sophistication that we can't get enough of. We love how the pieces feel fresh, modern, and effortlessly on trend while also having an undeniable timelessness.